Emma Price

My Portfolio

Below you can see a snapshot into my most recent addition to my portfolio. This collection of images is part of a photo essay I created for one of my last graphic design classes in college. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did capturing, editing, and coding them!

Image of a silver ladder surrounded by different colors of blue square tiling with a clear pool with two lane lines with royal blue and white colors.

"First Step"

Image of blue square tiling and a clear pool.

"Goggle View"

Image of a blue square tiled block with the number 2 in white tiles and a clear pool with the white colors of the lane line showing.

"Take Off"

Image of white flags with a teal diving board in the background with white blocks below it and water polo equipment behind it.

"Best View"

Image of the ceiling of the pool area which is bright blue with circular white lights and light gray lines.

"Up Above"

Image of a large square clock on a wall looking over a clear pool with different colors of blue tiling blocks with multi-color flags.

"About Time"